The company is established in 2005 by Josephine Stahl and is based in the center of Copenhagen in beautiful surroundings that compliment the brands. Stahl Fashion Agency holds the licenses to distribute the italian brand PLEASE ORIGINALE and SOPHIE in Scandinavia among other brands. As from Autumn 2014 Stahl Fashion Agency launched their own brand TEN TO LOVE and it is a brand consisting of only 10 styles, but the 10 styles you cannot the live without.

As from AW 2017 Stahl Fashion i proud to present the Paris based brand HOD, which mainly does pants and denim. Stahl Fashion Agency´s overall objective is to make all their loyal customers happy and content by selecting and distributing brands that will have long life span in the stores securing goos earnings and loyal end users.

At Stahl we strive to cooperate with our customers trying to fulfil and listen to their specific needs. We understand that the way to success is team work and long horizons  to make our dreams come through.